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Github Repos

XiaoxinHe/Awesome-Graph-LLM: A collection of AWESOME things about Graph-Related LLMs. (github.com)

WxxShirley/Awesome-Graph-Prompt: Awesome Papers About Performing Prompting On Graphs (github.com)

yhLeeee/Awesome-LLMs-in-Graph-tasks: A curated collection of research papers exploring the utilization of LLMs for graph-related tasks. (github.com)

PeterGriffinJin/Awesome-Language-Model-on-Graphs: A curated list of papers and resources based on “Large Language Models on Graphs: A Comprehensive Survey”. (github.com)

LLM for graph tasks:

  • Exploring the Potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) in Learning on Graphs
    LLM as enhancers vs. LLM as predictors.
    When as predictors, ignore graph structure.

Multimodal LLM on graph

graph for multimodal

multimodal for graph

Multimodal knowledge graph