Paper Checklist

Global Considerations

  • Connectivity: Ensure that each paragraph or sentence seamlessly connects to both the preceding and subsequent ones, creating a cohesive flow.
  • Detail Gradation: Introduce details gradually, starting from high-level concepts and progressively moving to mid-level and then low-level details.
  • Notation Consistency: Maintain uniformity in the use of notation throughout the entire text.
  • Language Review: Utilize a grammar check, rephrase tool, or Language Model tool (LLM) to thoroughly review all texts.
  • 2-Round Principle: Continue to read and revise the paper until no major issues are found in the final two rounds of review.

Minor Considerations

  • Citations and References:
    • Ensure that each figure, table, and algorithm is cited at least once in the text.
    • Provide a space on the left-hand side of each citation or reference, and enclose each citation within all parentheses ( ) and brackets [ ].
    • Verify that every citation and reference has the correct and unique resource ID in \ref{}.
    • Check the PDF for any occurrences of “?”.
  • Formatting and Layout:
    • Maintain a font size in figures and tables that is comparable to the text, without being significantly smaller.
    • Avoid sentences that are excessively long (more than 3 lines in double column or 2 lines in single column).
    • Avoid overly short lines consisting of only one or two words.
    • Avoid using paragraphs with three lines or fewer.
    • Minimize excessive white space within figures.